Rev Transcription Job: An In-Depth Review

Rev Transcription Job

Are you looking for flexible work opportunities that allow you to work from the comfort of your own home? If so, then you may want to consider becoming a transcriptionist for Rev. In this in-depth review, we will explore what Rev transcription job entails, its benefits and drawbacks, as well as provide you with an alternative tool, PlainScribe, that can enhance your transcription experience.

What is Rev?

Rev is a transcription company that connects clients in need of audio and video transcription services with freelancers who have exceptional typing and listening skills. Founded in 2010, Rev has quickly become one of the leading platforms in this industry, offering transcription, translation, and captioning services.

How does Rev Transcription Job work?

To become a Rev transcriptionist, you need to pass a rigorous application process. Once accepted, you gain access to a pool of available transcription projects. As a freelancer, you have the freedom to choose which projects you want to work on, which ensures flexibility in your schedule. The audio and video files you will work with can range from interviews, meetings, podcasts, to YouTube videos.

To transcribe, you will listen to the audio or watch the video using Rev's online transcription editor. You have the ability to adjust the playback speed, making it easier to transcribe accurately and efficiently. Rev provides style guides and templates to maintain consistency and quality across projects.

Benefits of working with Rev

Working as a transcriptionist for Rev offers several advantages:

  1. Flexibility: As a freelancer, you have the freedom to choose your working hours and the projects you want to work on.
  2. Work from home: Rev transcription job allows you to work from the comfort of your own home, eliminating the need for commuting.
  3. Opportunity to learn: Transcribing a wide range of audio and video files gives you exposure to different subject matters, helping you broaden your knowledge.

Drawbacks of working with Rev

While Rev offers great flexibility and learning opportunities, there are a few drawbacks to consider:

  1. Low initial pay: Rev pays its transcriptionists based on the length and complexity of the audio or video file. However, the initial pay rate is relatively low, especially for beginners. It may take time and effort to increase your earnings.
  2. Tight deadlines: Some projects have tight deadlines, which can be stressful if you have other commitments or lack the necessary time to complete them.
  3. Competition: Rev has a large pool of freelancers, which means there is often competition for popular projects. This can make it difficult to consistently secure high-paying projects.

An alternative tool: PlainScribe

If you're looking to enhance your transcription experience, PlainScribe is a web app that offers transcription, translation, and summarization services. With PlainScribe, you can transcribe audio and video files, translate them into different languages, and even generate summaries. The user-friendly interface, customizable shortcuts, and integrated text editor make the transcription process smoother and more efficient.

PlainScribe also offers collaboration features, allowing multiple users to work on a transcription project simultaneously. This can be particularly useful for larger transcription projects or team-based efforts.

Visit the PlainScribe website to learn more about the features and how it can improve your transcription workflow.


Rev offers a great opportunity for individuals looking for flexible work that can be done remotely. While it has its drawbacks, such as low initial pay and tight deadlines, it provides a platform for honing your transcription skills and exploring various subject matters.

If you're looking to enhance your transcription experience, consider using PlainScribe, a web app that offers transcription, translation, and summarization services. With its user-friendly interface and collaborative features, PlainScribe can be a valuable tool to improve your transcription workflow.

So, whether you choose to work with Rev or explore other options like PlainScribe, transcription offers a flexible and rewarding work opportunity for those who possess excellent listening and typing skills.

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